Hester’s Daughters

Hester's DaughtersIf you haven’t read The Scarlet Letter, read it now. If you read it long ago, read it again. Then savor this contemporary, feminist retelling of an American classic from a writer who gives us a stronger, more resilient 20th century Hester for whom living a meaningful life is paramount. An added bonus is getting to know her daughter, Pearl, whose life is a reflection on what our mothers can teach us, if we are ready to learn.

“Elayne Clift renders a stirring, contemporary retelling of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic, The Scarlet Letter. Clift captures the spirit of Hester and Pearl and recasts them in a dramatic, compelling and expansive story. She cuts across time and culture and excavates connections that bind the hearts of women, no matter the century.”

Chiquita Mullins Lee, Playwright, Pierce to the Soul

ISBN: 978-0-9634827-7-8


Telling It Like It Is:

Reflections Of A Not So Radical Feminist

Telling It Like It IS

A book too broad and encompassing for an easy label, this collection of writings by award winning author Elayne Clift touches on real life issues as seen through a woman’s eyes. Written with warmth, emotion, humor and insight, this book provides a lively view of life.

“Clift’s essays are tinder for the reader, so when a daily event lights her mind, we get something warm for our own journey.”

Grace Cavalieri, Poet and Producer

ISBN: 1-879198-00-2


The Road to Radicalism:

Further Reflections Of A Frustrated Feminist

road to radicalismIn her second volume of essays, award winning author Elayne Clift once again hits home as she ponders people, politics, and the events of everyday life. At once pithy, honest, and provocative, this collection is a thoughtful reflection on the forces that shape our time.

“A brilliant series of essays that are more than just “further reflections” on feminism. They are essays that touch on the deeper and broader issues of living together in this fragile fin-de-siecle world.”

Pat Carr, Author

ISBN: 0-9634827-1-8


Sanity for All in the 21st Century:

Reflections of a Fin De’Siecle Feminist

sanityIn her third collection of essays, Elayne Clift again hits home as she explores the issues of our day from a woman-centered perspective. Pithy, often humorous, and always insightful, these are thoughtful and thought-provoking reflections on our fragile and ever-changing world. They are a powerful testimonial to our times from the pen of a seasoned observer and a frequently sassy writer.

“For naysayers who insist that feminism is dead, Clift’s lively ruminations set the record straight. Covering issues as diverse as the Middle East crisis, welfare reform, the political economy of care-giving, and the aftermath of September 11, her thoughtful essays provide much needed insight into the state of the world and what we can all do to make it saner and more just. If you care at all about the future, read this book. You’ll thank the author for encouraging us all.”

Kathleen B. Jones, Professor and Author

ISBN: 1-4010-7234-8


Demons Dancing in my Head:

Collected Poems 1985 – 1995


“This woman has a wonderful imagination, and her poems are filled with color, bounce, and satisfying images. There is a constant echo of Emily Dickinson as she soul-searches the universe.”

Dusty Dog Review

“Elayne’s demons are sheer delight! With humor, compassion, and insight, she takes us on a journey through the heart and mind of a woman hell-bent on living a life that matters. Good poetry from a writer who is at once your friend.”

Mary Kay Reynolds, Voices of Women

ISBN: 0-9634827-2-6


Other People, Other Lands

other peopleThis book is a collection of poetry about people and place. From Australian aborigines to the Masai people of Africa, from Alaska to New Mexico, travel vicariously through the landscapes and lifestyles of a fascinating array of settings and characters with a poet who clearly loves her subjects.

“Elayne takes the reader on an unsentimental journey into the human heart and the world she roams. She sees truth behind faces, and finds promise in dark places. The poems are full of the fascination of fresh discovery.”

Marguerite Striar, poet

ISBN: 0-9634827-5-0


Croning Tales

croningA collection of short stories about women’s lives. The protagonists in these tales of what has been called “women’s ways of knowing” are united by female reconciliation, growth and wisdom. With humor, pathos, and bravado, the characters experience “self in relation” to the world as a microcosm of contemporary womanhood.

“Croning Tales” is rich with stories of observation, exploration, risk-taking, and self-determination. As the various characters come to grips with their situations, we recognize a piece of ourselves and meet a host of women we’d love to call “friend.”

Sue Dvora, Women in Transition

ISBN: 0-9634827-3-4


The Limits of Love

loveIn this collection of short-short fiction, a host of characters who sip tea communally in the opening tale, reveal “The Limits of Love” in subsequent stories. Across a variety of boundaries, the protagonists have one thing in common: each of them understands that relationships are complex, nuanced, and frequently a gift.

“The men and women in Elayne Clift’s shapely collection of short stories are observed by their creator in great detail. Their speech, their appearance, their dress, their furniture are subject to the author’s fixed and minute attention – as are their illusions. The effect for the reader, surprisingly, is not (or not only) ironic distance, but also a certain tenderness, and an intelligent mature, and patient sympathy.”

Castle Freeman, My Life and Adventures: A Novel

ISBN: 1-4134-0687-4


To New Jersey,

With Love and Apologies

New JerseyThis is a coming-of-age collection of prose and poetry (with photographs) about growing up Jewish in small-town America, c. 1950. In brief vignettes, this memoir captures the experience of a young girl challenged by family illness, minority status and small town values. Poignant, nostalgic, and funny, this is a work of universal remembrance.

“If I learned one thing from this book, it is that seeds planted in the formative years can bloom into fragrant flowers of memory that we can all savor. A lovely work!”

Joanne Brown, writer

ISBN: 0-9634827-4-2


Love Letters to Vermont

VermontThis collection of essays and poetry pays tribute to all that is special about living in Vermont. From nature to neighbors, seasons to services, traditions to politics, this little gem of a thank you to an adopted state is truly a love letter from the heart.

“Elayne Clift’s celebration of her adopted state rings with authenticity. Vermont is special and her ‘love letters’ delightfully describe the people, places, and traditions that make it so.”

Marty Jezer, Columnist

ISBN: 0-9634827-6-9


Women’s Encounters with the Mental Health Establishment

encountersCharlotte Perkins Gilman’s famous short story “The Yellow Wallpaper,” has come to represent the struggle of contemporary women to be understood by those from whom they seek psychological support and psychiatric treatment. This anthology gives voice to today’s women so that their own encounters with the mental health establishment can be heard and learned from. In addition to “The Yellow Wallpaper,” this book also contains works by Sylvia Plath, Kate Millett, Anne Sexton, Lauren Slater, and many more!

“A RICH COLLECTION OF JEWELS…. The writers give us a remarkable variety of experience, perspective, and emotion about their experiences in the mental health system, and reading their work, we are touched, astonished, and enraged.”

Paula J. Caplan, PhD, Author

ISBN: 0-7890-1546-3


Women, Philanthropy, and Social Change: Visions for a Just Society

PhilanthropyThe seldom-heard “voice” of women’s philanthropy speaks in this readable and richly contextualized collection of writings. In her quest to demystify and honor women’s philanthropy, Clift turns to an impressive array of the movement’s current leaders. As these remarkable women share their stories, reflections, and knowledge of the women’s funding movement, it becomes clear that “women and philanthropy” harbors the marvelous potential for global social change across gender, race, and age barriers.

“This book is especially valuable for those launching new women’s funds, individual philanthropists, and institutional grant makers committed to supporting social change… the volume fulfills its intention to guide and inspire… a very good read.”

Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly

ISBN: 1-58465-523-2


Achan: A Year of Teaching in Thailand

AchanA lively collection of vignettes, essays, profiles, humorous anecdotes and travel tales! Share the experience of a seasoned writer, traveler, and teacher who spent a year as a guest lecturer at a university in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

“An easy, entertaining and enlightening read for anyone who loves exploring other countries and cultures. A gem of a travel memoir!”
Chiquita Mullins Lee, playwright

ISBN: 978-974-7051-82-7

$ 12.00